Academic Sports Association

Students representing WSL’s varsity sports teams are becoming a recognizable brand in the Polish sport. They have recorded best results in such sports as: darts, pool billiards, volleyball, basketball, football, futsal, table tennis, indoor rower, mountain biking, and bowling. The School organizes bowling championships for the students of the Wielkopolska Region, known as Akedemickie Mistrzostwa Wielkopolski and an annual WSL Bowling Cup, in which entrants compete to win the Cup of WSL’s Rector. Since last year another sporting event has entered the calendar of sporting events, namely WSL Karate Cup (Otwarty Akademicki Turniej Karate o Puchar Rektora Wyższej Szkoły Logistyki), which is an open tournament for all student varsities.

As part of their obligatory physical education classes, students at WSL can choose from eight different sports:

  • basketball,
  • volleyball,
  • football,
  • futsal,
  • swimming,
  • aerobics,
  • karate,
  • general fitness classes

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