Research areas

WSL attaches a lot of importance to research which is conducted on two levels: cognitive and didactic. The former is related to expanding knowledge and providing the business world with new tools and technological solutions in what is broadly understood as logistics. The latter concerns teaching processes and is closely related with the development of teaching and research methods within logistics studies.

The main areas of research include:

  • corporate management and supply chain management,
  • logistic networks and systems,
  • corporate strategies and problems of world economy,
  • management of national material resources
  • logistics education.

Apart from participating in research projects and programmes, WSL organizes or co-organizers conferences and symposiums, among which the biannual international logistics conference WSL FORUM is the most renowned one. It is organized interchangeably with the Logistics Congress LOGISTICS, organized by the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing with WSL as the event’s co-organizer.

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