Erasmus Programme

In academic years 2005/2006, 2006/2007 WSL took part in the Erasmus Programme realized as part of EU’s Socrates Programme. Since academic year 2007/2008, after having been awarded Erasmus Extended University Charter for the academic years 2007/08-2013/14 – WSL conducts activities related to the Erasmus Programme, which is now realized as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).

By having been awarded Erasmus Extended University Charter, WSL is entitled to realize the following decentralized activities of the LLP: mobility periods abroad for students (studies and student placements), mobility periods for teaching staff and representatives of enterprises from abroad to hold classes, mobility periods for training purposes for the School’s staff, organization of mobility periods for students and teaching staff.


LLP Scholarships for WSL students

To pursue part of their studies abroad (students) or to hold a series of guest lectures (academic staff) – the beneficiaries of the Erasmus Programme can only do so at partner institutions holding the Erasmus University Charter (EUC) with which WSL has signed agreements specifying locations, fields of study and students’ academic levels.

Erasmus Policy Statement


Contact Person at WSL:
Dr Adam Koliński
+48 61 850 47 91

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