WSL partners with market leading companies. The School’s Partners are leading companies dealing in such business activity as: logistics, production, trade, and IT. In view of the above, the students of WSL can do work placements in modern and well-organized enterprises, where they can establish their first business contacts. Thanks to the guest lectures held by managers, the School receives assistance in the preparation of interesting classes, which introduce students to the real world of business. The Partners, on the other hand, take advantage of our academic staff and students in the realization of various research projects. The Partners are also involved in the School’s projects, ranging from offering support in the organization of the National Logistics Competition to practical teaching support. Students from WSL, on the other hand, write their theses on how logistics processes in the co-operating companies can be facilitated. The curriculum at WSL is flexible and is easily adjustable to the changes in the business world, also thanks to the on-going consultations with the executives from our Partner Companies.

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