Modern, convenient and comfortable

  • the campus consists of a complex of very modern buildings situated in the centre of Poznan;
  • the School’s facilities offer a friendly environment for the developmentally disabled;
  • at their disposal students have: IT labs, air-conditioned lecture halls, equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and a modern studio offering e-learning facilities;
  • IT rooms equipped with state-of-the-art software and hardware, commonly used to assist the business activity of enterprises: Qgar – software aims at helping to deal with warehousing processes in companies of different size and business activity. It supports operations within warehousing logistics of both own goods and service warehouses. Graffiti – a modern and fully integrated corporate management system. It allows to support all essential activities of an enterprise, ranging from standard solutions in accountancy, finance, logistics, and warehousing to sophisticated long-term planning, production scheduling, budget simulations and complex logistics solutions. i-Scala – is one of most functionally advanced systems of MRP II. It is used to manage production, distribution, and costs. SAP – the world’s most popular IT system, which not only supports the management of a company, but also facilitates relations with customers, logistics partners, suppliers, employees, and companies providing financial services.
  • the School’s campus has a wi-fi connection; the functionality of the e-platform allows, to a large extent, to relieve the Dean’s Office of having to deal with many routine student affairs; instead, students can use the School’s e-platform at a time and place they find convenient;
  • access to the e-platform WSL-Online, where all relevant information concerning the student affairs is posted: student lists, electronic student record book, timetable, messages from the Dean’s Office;
  • access to the library of WSL and of the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing and the computerized library databases available on the Net;
  • work placements at leading companies;
  • student interest groups;
  • a wide selection of sports: basketball, volleyball, football, futsal, swimming, aerobics, and general fitness exercise.

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